This was created back when gas prices first skyrocketed as a way to give back to quilters who were willing to travel with friends to our shop. We offer a discount to groups of 5 or more who call ahead to schedule their shopping trip. It encourages friends to get together and share the gas bill, and save money on their purchases.

How it works:
  • Comprise your group of 5 or more
  • Call at least 24 hours before your trip , so we can ensure we have adequate staff to efficiently serve your group.
  • Check in at the front counter when you arrive, you will receive your bolt buddy coupon for checkout.
  • At checkout, you will receive:
    • $1 off/yd on all fabric
    • $2 off/yd on all end of bolt fabric
    • 15% off all other purchases
Call 863.299.3080 to schedule your Bolt Buddies trip today!