Financing a sewing machine, serger, and long-arm quilting machine can be a smart investment for individuals or businesses looking to enhance their sewing capabilities. These machines offer diverse features and advanced functionalities that can streamline the sewing process, increase efficiency, and unlock new creative possibilities. By opting for financing options, individuals can spread the cost of these machines over time, making them more accessible and affordable. Whether it's for personal sewing projects, small-scale production, or professional quilting services, financing allows enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary equipment to pursue their passion or grow their business while managing their finances effectively.

We offer two options for your convenience:

Synchrony -- For the consumer, home sewist, hobbyist,etc who wants to finance their purchase.
  • Apply in-store and receive a "Sewing & More" credit line
  • Typically, approved within minutes
  • Offer 0% or low % interest promotions many times throughout the year

Red Thread Financing for Long Arm Quilting and Sewing MachinesRed Thread Financial -- For the consumer who wants to become a small business person, or wants to quilt for others from home and needs financial support getting started.
  • Application can be completed on-line at Red Thread (
  • Quick approval notification
  • Can finance new or used equipment
  • Only collateral is equipment financed